Meet Rarium

Making digital assets’ ownership easy, trustworthy, and secure for everyone

At Rarium, we are excited to shape the future of crypto assets by making them accessible to the mainstream.

Despite promising propositions, NFTs currently have generated more questions than excitement in users’ minds. While the creator worries about their art being stolen and minted without their consent, the collector is not sure of an authentic purchase. Lack of user centric resources and convoluted experiences on existing marketplaces don’t help users either. This is the exact problem we have set out to solve, as the first step.

We strongly believe in empowering the community to bring in decentralized governance. Rarium will progressively enable community driven curation, build community engagement, and realise community values. Community governance structure and parameters will be backed by the $RIUM token.


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Company Info

Rarium is owned and operated by Perinno AB of Sweden

Perinno AB
Tideliusgatan 40
11869 Stockholm

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